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the AppJobber — With Apps quick money earn

Published by Swen Eitz on may 6, 2013

The idea came up once again, as so often from the USA. As the App-Jobber, you can earn a little money with a small Apply, you are on your iPhone or Android Smartphone can be viewed.

But it looks soon so that not everything that is successful in America, also has a future in Germany. If the money with your Smartphone really is worth it, you learn here with us. We take no leaf before the mouth!/p>
the With micro-jobs and the pocket money improve

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Clickworkers in the Test

Fiverr and German Alternatives

the App-Jobber: What is it, exactly?

in Spite of the limited possibilities the App Work currently offers, we think that it is and a good idea, and should only be improved a little. Therefore, we will keep the App Working at the eye and again on report, if it is more in the American direction, where there are, for example, «rider Apps» or «Test-food-Apps»!

as a App-Jobber, active, benotigst you the App of a particular company, such as how or AppJobber even to call the company, the make you behalf of available in contact. So download the App, and you can start to install.

on the application, now you can find small Jobs, so-called micro jobs. you in your immediate environment can do. Here you will find tasks like the photos different?of buildings or beaches?en, or more interesting tasks, such as the dog from someone out watches.

you Do your Job successfully, you will get paid for it. At the start there are at Streetspotr points only, later some money – with an average of 1 to 3 euros per Job .

the The benefits of Working with Apps

You’re the whole day in the city and langweiligst you most of the time? Super! Then you are the suitable candidate for points or 1-3 euros’re a micro job take can. So you move a lot, which is good for the health and merit in your coffee money.

the the disadvantages of The App-Jobbens

Much rather we have here a positive article about the App-Jobbing to write. However, there are some real sticking points, not an au?he should be left Eight and the very good concept to appear in a not-too-positive light.

the For first Jobs, there is no money

Some of the portals awarded for your first activities only points. Usually, it is not «proper Jobs». Here, you are to make your reliability. Because we must unfortunately say: Here you can use your time better!

the company can save you earnings

For firm natural class. For a simple activity no one has to be extra enlisted or sent. The task can be done by a micro-jobbers for a few cents. Even if you Work with the App throughout the day beschaftig test, you will earn not a lot of money, because…

the There are too few Jobs!

In some of the Gro?cities a handful of jobs are not even available to the hundreds of need to argue. The Portal «Gigalocal «, has closed due to low demand even again. This may perhaps really the fact that someone of no gro announced an Android Smartphone or an iPhone, really?it has interest in a penny Job.

the Will I be paid?

Now that you have shot wonderful photos and uploaded them, after you have about 30 minutes to get to the place. And then you have to sometimes 2-4 weeks waiting for the employer want to have your photo also. If not, were your Mooing in vain.

the taxes and insurance

no one is at the Moment quite clearly, what that looks like with the insurance in the event of a possible accident, while you do your App-Job. If you have to pay? In the case of the taxes you have to self-make sure, that you pay for this, if you free borders uberschrei test.

the caution!

We do not claim by no means that the App-Jobbing work and you can earn no money. You should, but rather as a «Hobby», if you’re for example, already in the city on the go!

the make money with your Smartphone and Appjobs: A good idea but…

We do not want to claim that this idea from the US where she is quite successful, is not a Good one. However, it falls short in the Moment a little bit in the implementation. However, this is not necessarily the fact that companies have no interest in, but rather the fact that there are too few App-Jobber, want to race, 1 Euro or a bit more all day through the city.

This is a little reminiscent of a «-Euro-Job » and these are insanely popular, with the people we all know – and which is the «one-Euro jobbers» has been an iPhone available …?

Description of the article: quick money making earn money with your Smartphone sounds good, but how Mature the AppJobbing really is? More to the part-time job AppJobber here!

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