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the Comparator credits and loans personal online

Compare and requests online credits and personal loans online banks, savings banks and financial of Spain. In this comparator we have included only the ones that can hire through the Internet.

Fee / Interest

The interest is the cost that has for you the money that you need in every moment. The financial institution will be charged the borrowed money but that cost. The interest can be of two types: fixed or variable. In the interest fixed cost will not change throughout the life of the loan. With the interest variable, the cost will vary periodically, quarterly, semi-annually or annually according to the contract of the loan. The interest variable is determined by adding the value of an index of reference (usually the Euribor) to a fixed amount called a differential. The lower the type of interest -on a loan rate is fixed — or spread -in the loans interest — variable will be less the total amount to be paid.

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the ?We provide you granted?

Analyze your case. complete the following information and you will know that loans and credit cards you can access

?As we carry out the analysis?

Some of the entities with which we have agreements to provide us with information to be able to make an analysis of preliminary concession of loans. It is only preliminary: analysis criteria basic.

?A positive result means that you are granted the loan shown?

Although we believe that you have a high probability of complying with the criteria basic requirements by the entities, the last word will have the entity. We cannot assure you that we provide you will grant. There are many criteria that the entities have in mind for approve the grant of a loan that we are not now considering, between them, for example: seniority in the current work, lists of debtors, etc


once you have completed the form, we analyze your information and we will answer online if you have chances or not getting the financing that you are looking for, offering alternatives solicitables online.

If you see that your data fit into with any financial institution with which we deal, it is likely that you will call for complete information and/or pass the information to the entity or intermediary that your you have said or us to consider that can help you obtain financing in your case. Normally they will will return to to call. The transfer of data is carried out according to set forth in our privacy policy, you’ll see at the end of the form.

Description of the article: personal loans online August 2015, you Get the best financing by comparing the conditions of the credits and personal loans online with which you can hire for the Internet.

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